DOWN RIVER            


The water bags are stuffed

Our faithful craft sits waiting at the waters edge

The fire smokes

Breathing its last breaths


A half-cup of coffee

Sits on a prominent rock – waiting

With a lovers look

I glance askance at my fly rod


Waiting for me

Camps back is broken

She was good – very good to us

A glance and pause in the four directions


And we say goodbye

The thing is the images

Fade so very quickly

Names and places


Drop quickly - to sink and be swept away

By the fast moving current

Of our lives

At speed we approach new shores


Navigating new hazards

Falling head over heels

For new loves

A quick gentle toss of the paddle


And I step into knee-high ice-cold water

Bow line in hand

Why am I smiling?

As I slip and slide toward the bank


Must be something about those deep pools

And submerged boulders

Just that same old knee-jerk reaction triggered

By bare legs and short skirts


The emotions are the same

And both are what make life

Worth all the worry and work

We pull the canoe up high on the rock-covered bank

Carry the water bags up into the clearing

With a lovers hand I lift my fly rod

My smile is still in place

As I begin stripping off line


Slowly and cautiously working my way