Images and people

Come to me in my dreams

I know them

Fleeting friends


On a different level

Before transitioning

To the waking hours

Of the darkness

Where more fleeting images


Ghosts of the past

And future


Dipped in reality

“It gets worse

At night”

So I read


“Rotator cuff”

Amen on that

A lot of things

Get worse at night

Have I told you about Angel?

Okay, okay…

But I will again

“It is not youngest son

It is younger

You only have two


Is incorrect


Is the correct choice”


Talk about love

On a different level

“Thanks Mum.”

Let me speak of Kyle and Al


On the streets of LA

As we waited for a ship


All of 150-pounds

Some hair thing going on


Son of a small town Texas sheriff


“At sixteen I would go out on the police range

With my Browning

And shoot a 98

Embarrass all the cops”

Sleeping in his van

Feeling it being jacked up

Jumping out

Browning in hand

“Calm down man

We are just stealing your tires.”

I ask

You did not shoot the gun?

A nonchalant answer

“Oh yeah

I put three rounds into the back of the car.”

Years go by

We meet

Kyle’s twin


Holds out his hand

To show a wedding band

I smile


“Remember that chick at the party in LA?”

I slowly look at Kyle

Feeling my eyes

He looks off into the distance

With an imperceptible shrug

I remember that party

“What sign are you?”

I am asked

By a pretty face with a cautious smile

“You are the expert

You tell me.”

The smile and the caution


Then a pause

Before a quiet answer

“You have to be a Pisces.”


You have my attention

Years go by

Remember Al?

He went on to become a LA cop


A lot of things

To reconcile there!

I guess there are also things

To reconcile here

Can I tell you a secret?

Generally speaking

I do not like men

Boys are OK

I love the heck out of two

But men

For the most part

Are fucked up

I happened to be visiting

A knock on the door in the dark of night

An unmarked truck in the drive

A conversation

“Do you want to use the phone?”

Having heard enough

I round the corner

Ears laid back

One look


“I think I have the wrong house.”

There are exceptions

Kyle, Al and others

But for the most part…


Fucked up

I love the heck out of women

They bring warmth and light

Under adverse conditions

So adverse in fact

Many do not survive

Or survive

With light intact

Another story told to me in a quiet room

“I was walking down the road

I heard a car pull up behind me

I turned and saw a guy

Leaning out the back window with a rope

They realized I was elderly

And drove on”

As I write these words

I am being possessed by the desire

To inflict a great hurt


Moving on


Moving on

There are things yet to do


And images

To lay down

Ghosts from the future

Coming my way

Ghosts from the past

With unfinished business

We will get to it all

Every last

Ghost, word and image

Will be dealt with

Dealt with

By and by