You drift in and out of focus

Sliding between the dropped hay bales and the dotted white line of the interstate

Drifting yet again as I read in the dentist’s office

“No weapons allowed in this building”

If they slip and hit a nerve

They do not want us to be armed!

A homeless guy comes in

Walks straight to the bathroom

He has been here before

Comes out in about five minutes

Walks straight to the exit

Looks like a tough dude

Desperation will do that

Never the less

I am glad I took care of things

Before leaving home


Back to you

Where are you…?

Hey, there you are


Leaning over the backseat as I drive

Arms crossed on and over my shoulders

Flying down the road in silence

Small smiles


In the dark of night

Arms crossed again

While tapping your foot

At the foot of the bed


Trying not to laugh

Saying good night


Good night

Hey, can you come here?

Thank you

That is perfect!

Sweet dreams


All things good


Good night