Tiny orange feet                                                                  

Wrapped tightly around the perch

Swinging slow

As sunlight glinted

Off ornamental gold colored bars

An occasional whistle

And fragments of song

Pierced the silence

Black eyes

Jerked around the room

The food dish

Three quarters full

The water

Full to the top

A paper clip

Firmly held the door in place

The large windows

Were splashed with bright sunlight

Towering green trees

Could be seen in the distance

Water could be heard

A river far away

But to her

It was only noise

Of course

She would not know

Or recognize

The sound

She sidestepped nervously on her perch

She could hear the voice

She knew so well

“I do not want to sell her”

She knew not the words

Only the distress

In the voice

She hopped off the perch

Climbed up the side of the cage

And began nervously pecking at the paperclip

That held the door

Firmly closed

Another known voice

“We will be back soon,

Please do not give us a hard time about this”

Then silence

Broken only by

An occasional whistle

And fragments of a nervous song

The footfalls echoed off

The polished wooden floor

He sat at the table in front of her cage

Tracks of tears

Could be seen on his cheeks

She whistled

And sidestepped nervously

Without a sound

He stood and gripped the top handle of the cage

And began carrying it to towards the large sliding glass door

She chirped in alarm, while struggling to keep her balance

The door slid open and sunlight, warmth and breeze rushed through her cage

Ruffling her feathers…and her mind

Her cage swung from the end of his arm

As he walked to the table

In the center of the manicured lawn

With a soft bang her cage was placed in the center

He again sat in front of her cage

Paused, then reached for the paperclip

He unfastened the paperclip and opened the door

Excitement and fear rushed through her body

The wind whistled

The song of the river was louder now

A dog barked somewhere in the distance

“Go, you are free”

Free to finish your song

Free to fly where you choose

Free to succeed

Free to fail

Free to be hurt

Or killed

Free to create

An entirely new being,

“Go” he yelled again

He stood and backed away from the open door

Slowly the excitement within her began to subside

Leaving in place

Only the fear

The boy waved his hand in disgust and walked away

She whistled

Fragments of a nervous song

A large shadow approached

The whisper of a new voice was heard


The door was gently closed and the paperclip refastened

Then louder

As the cage was lifted

“I will take good care of her.”