He could feel it coming

The deer jerking up her head

Looking directly, but askance

While continuing to chew slowly


It was that type of awareness

It had been approaching for a long time


While he fell in love


Again and again

Knowing he knew

He needed to be alone

For this dance


He had been preparing for a long time

While listening to hollow words

Noting beautiful faces

Ducking to catch the eyes


While the cards

Continue to slide out onto the table

With one hand

He moves his chips together


The other smooths his coat

His mind listening

To something afar

Coming quickly now


The dancer stands poised

In the shadows

Silence and stillness

Embraced by self


Waiting for the words

“It is time”

The curtain rolls back

A flood of lights


A myriad of blank faces

Hearing she begins to move

Time is gone

It is here


All that remains

Is the dance