An ever-moving ever-changing spirit

Sweeping through open mind’s eye

Sweeping into open hearts

Filling souls with warmth and light 


A beautiful apparition of both worlds

She is what she has always been

A fleeting light-filled shadow

Of the greatest significance and weight


A beautiful empty crystal

Not bound or weighted down

With earthly things of this world

An unworldly dancer in the dark


In the open field under moonlight

Beckoning the stars

To come down and join

Them in a dance


She pauses in the dim light

Looking at him in the night

Waiting and watching

He holds his hands up high


Bringing them in front of his face

And then watches in the stillness

As he begins to break up becoming

Dust blowing away into the darkness


His hands, arms and legs returning to dust

Her head turns following a cloud into the blackness

Turning back to him – a question on her face

He stands impassively - arms wide


A mound of sand under a violent desert wind - disappearing

With a quick rush

She is in his arms

They are spinning away into the nothingness


They are suddenly nowhere

And everywhere