Letting Go


The clouds were of a mixed gray

Moving and reforming

Ever so slow


Blood – dried blood

He licked at with his tongue


The brown and dead leaves of autumn

Wet brown leaves

Held the back of his head


His eyes moved

To the swaying bare trees


Swaying in unison

And at one with the clouds


He felt odd

And did not fit

In this perfect puzzle


His head moved

Up off the leaves

And he knew pain

A dull throbbing pain


He lifted his hand

Held it in front of his eyes

Such a good and loyal friend


His head dropped

Back to the wet leaves

His hand found the center of his belly

And rested


He could hear the distant roar of the river

A leaf released its hold on a thin high branch

Atop a tall swaying tree

And dropped

Swirling and circling

Ever so slow


The roar of the river moved closer

As the clouds turned and gazed


His tongue again moved

Over a broken upper lip

His hand lifted

And dropped

On the center of his belly


The roar of the river

Moved into his head

Pushing away the pain


The clouds lowered

Brushing the leaves from his hair


His eyes moved to the trees

They locked hands and swayed


He heard a distinct pop

As his piece of the puzzle snapped into place


He gently released his hold

On a thin high branch

And dropped

Swirling and circling

Into the river