Many – even today – still doubt her existence

Marici, goddess of the heavens, sun and light

He felt her in his heart, soul and the air he breathed

Her message and meaning was with him every moment of every day


Marici has always been – she does not adhere to decades, days or years

Even the Samurai knew her very well

They would fall in worship when she rose in the morning

Knowing Marici’s meaning was light and/or mirage


They would invoke her name to achieve victory and/or escape the notice of their enemies

As time moved forward, she was forgotten

Indeed, most of the world - knew her not

But, he knew her, and she was aware of him


Being discouraged, she had distanced herself from the world

She was content to shine from above

Providing warmth and heat

For all life in need


She was very happy where she was

Rays of light shooting from her hands

Her head and eyes slowly turning as she watched all

She absently – from time to time – watched him


He was brave, but very foolish

His reputation preceded him as it was said

The Maker of all light everywhere

Always allowed him to be victorious in battle


Until that fateful day

When he simply pushed his luck

A little too far

The Maker of all light sat staring at his feet


Knowing this time even He, could not help

Looking to earth he saw him

Surrounded on all sides by people who would do him harm

Yet fearlessly he battled on


Against all odds

He carried the battle to his enemies

He never saw the bowman

But felt the arrow go deep in his heart


He was falling

Finally landing in a river of blackness

Where motionlessly he floated downstream

Imposing large gates opened for him to pass


He knew he had left the world of the living

What he did not know

Is as the bolt had traveled into his heart

An angel of heat and light had bolted towards earth from the high heavens


He felt himself softly grasped by the ankle

Then lifted from the river

He was being carried on the high

Back – to the world of the living


The only way to describe what happened

Is to relate – exactly - what took place

He was lifted from the river of darkness

Then carried by a chariot of warmth and light


Back to his place on earth

Fingers of warmth massaged life back into his body

Rays of life giving light bathed his face

As he felt lips tenderly touch his own, the wound in his heart closed


He knew what was happening

Yet he dared not open his eyes

He simply basked in the warmth and light knowing

Marici has finally come!