I walked into the room

Sat down in silence

Took some time to think about what I wanted to say

Finally found a beginning

And began:


The body can be a problematic organism

Shit often goes wrong

It is constantly needing maintenance and upkeep

But the spirit

Is eternal

Will live forever

In it’s chariot

The soul

Forever…unless it is mortally maimed or killed

Which can happen…and does…quite often

But, before we go any further, I want to get something out on the table

I know what you are thinking.

“How do I know this?

I am bullshitting”

My responses

“I don’t,

And “I am.”


I am bullshitting about not knowing it, and bullshitting about bullshitting

But, I want to silence the nay-saying questions and comments

Before you say I am wrong

Making it up


I confess to all the above, so there is nothing to say


The spirit lives on

Maybe forever

Whatever that is

The soul hangs on as well

Of course these two also need upkeep

Just not as much as the body

And of course – as mentioned - the body cannot be saved

It’s rather tedious existence can only be prolonged

It is going to go sooner or later

And, very often sooner

And sometimes unexpectedly

But it is no big deal

You do not need the box

But, you do need your spirit

And your soul

These two are what makes up you

Or, in my case, me

These were in existence

We were in existence

Before birth

But, these both continue to develop

Or decline

Over the course of life

I am moving closer to a really, really bad joke

How do you strengthen your spirit?

How do you solidify you soul?


You feed both

I am not going to say it – you finish the joke [hint: what type of food!]

You feed them love

We have reached a very important point

Something I think most might know, but I want to say

You may think I mean by feeding the spirit love

By feeding the soul love

I mean being loved

That will work, but that is not what I mean

I prefer it going the other way

I have always chosen my heavy responsibilities very carefully

And being loved is a heavy responsibility

Or at least I think it should be considered thus

But, if the love is outgoing

One reaps all the same rewards

(of course one first must shake off their possessiveness and selfishness)

But, that shit should be gone fairly early

But, back to what I was saying

One reaps the same rewards

Without the heavy responsibility

“How good is that?”


A very big AND

Outgoing love is much easier to sustain

Something is free and in flight

What do I mean by love?

What is free and in flight?

One of my favorite quotes - sorry I forget the writer, and I forget the book

But in the preamble of the book the writer mentioned constantly being asked

“Why do you go into the mountains for weeks at a time, alone, without anything?”

Her response, “If you have to ask the question, you would not understand the answer.”

Trying to describe love is like trying to describe the ocean

“A big body of water with a lot of living things in it.”

That does not quite seem accurate

“A big bag of strong emotion with a lot of other things in it”

That does not seem accurate either

It may be just me…

But, I think there is something in that bag

That is not of this world

No, I cannot define love, but I can try to describe the variations

Today, I do not speak of the headboard breaking type of love

Nor, do I mean the bouquet behind the back type of love

Do not get me wrong; both of these have their place

These are each appropriate for different situations

And different times

One must choose wisely

If you approach a woman who is panting like Sigourney Weaver

Atop the building in Ghostbusters

And, pull out a bouquet of flowers

You are probably going to get thrown off the building

What I am trying to describe now

Is different from both of the above

It is a lofty, soaring, angelic love

I know, I know…

Kind of sappy


Angels (as in angelic) are not supposed to engage themselves in that type of thing

Well…you know how that is – they do!


And can get away with it

If it is ethereal

Yes, they can and do

Of course

They too

Usually keep everything outgoing

That way

Everything remains kosher

I have to confess I have daydreamed from time to time…

Well…never mind


I can tell you this firsthand

There is nothing better in the world

Soulful, spiritual, ethereal - outgoing - love

Of course, that is what these words are tonight


And, a long-winded way of saying, “Goodnight.”


Without further adieu


You are beautiful

Hope you were not bored

Have a wonderful sleep