It is first felt in the heart

Long before that cool and magical

Early morning breeze first arrives

Arriving always unexpectedly

Signaling change

Telltale signs also lie

In the deep blue sky

Not the washed out whitish

Sky of summer

But a deep blue

More blue than you have ever seen

A bottomless blue

A bottomless blue going straight up

All kinds of things

Are carried through that sky

On the wind

Things that makes the heart state solemnly,

“I have to go”

There can be no mistaking

The truth and conviction in those words

Yes - it is time to go

For it is coming

Coming is the golden brown oak leaf

With the red maple

They dance endlessly on the wind

A wind ever increasing in size and strength

A wind becoming colder

As the oak and the maple circle and frolic in their knowledge

Of each other

And the world

This knowledge of theirs is bottomless

As bottomless as the deep blue sky

And of course they are in love

They have always been in love

But it is a love that can never be understood

It is too complex

It is too simple

And it is much, much too large

When it simply brushes you

You realize the truth

You are immersed in the truth

As you stand before and under

A love so old


And eternal

The oak and the maple

Love in life

Love in death

And of course

They both know

That is what is happening now

Something is dying

Something is returning

Yet, they are the same

And the world is rejoicing

With an incredible explosion of color and sound

Geese in flight

Screaming to each other and at the world

In isolation

Over forgotten water and forest

Over the flaming red, orange, yellow, blue and black

Color on the side and belly of a 17-inch wild brook trout

As a wild river roars

Over the deer standing motionless in the early morning - ears perked

On the treeline of a frost covered meadow

And, at the very same time

Noses, lips and faces

Press in the dark and cold twilight

Lips embrace lips

Arms are intertwined

With chest against chest you think,

“My Gawd

So this is what a real hug feels like…”

As the dark and cold continues to slowly settle

Yes - something is dying

And at the same time

Something known is rising

The heart suddenly sits back

Smiling, speechless and silent

With a stunned look

As a very old, eternal never-forgotten lover walks in the door

It is you