Within this one very moment

Lies blue sky

And abundant light

White light shining through white clouds

As the day

And the moment


Even in the act of unfolding

Wrapped and consumed

By the flames of our lives

Ashes and yesterdays

Litter our trail

As I wonder,

Does she know,

How much I love her?

And why?

I know,

She would laugh

At these seemingly tiny, tiny things

But of course they are reflective

Of so much

The incredible love and beauty

Shining from within

I briefly shudder

Looking askance with a smile

Hand resting loosely on the tiller

Face turned upward to the light

I slowly drift back

Years ago

Decades ago

Listening to a philosophical discussion being held by mentors of mine

Around the kitchen table

They were all wise to the ways of the world

All of sixteen years of age - all

One comment has stayed with me

“Some people say, “Fuck it” too much

And other people do not say it enough.”

Profound words

I realized then

And I realize now

As much as I recognize the need to sometimes say, “Fuck it.”

The personalized sister to this statement

Is also sometimes needed

Both are an effective method of jettisoning

Destructive elements

That wandered uninvited into the circle

Into the moment

Finding the balance

The key to so many things


Also an incredible tool

An incredible balm


Wraps and embraces me

As I sit

Within this one very moment

Tapping out these words

My heart is full

Full of blue sky

Full of light

Full of a pulsating, pounding, blood-red river

Reflective of so much

And of course this one moment

Is full

Full of the God-given ability to love

To choose

To create

To say, “Fuck it.”

“Fuck you.”


“I love you.”



Pulling all in

Every moment

Of every day

Arms locked

Huddled together

Even as the flames of our lives

Surround and consume


Leaving only a thin trail

Of ashes and yesterdays