THE UNFOLDING                                     


What has happened - has happened before - and will happen again


You have been here before, and will be here again


Your face will be different, your standing - perhaps your gender


But it will be you


Intuition, impulses - they are memories


You are attracted by the way someone wears his or her hair


You glance into the light in someone’s eyes, and recognize something




What you recognize is something different


Something different that you know


Something you know




That is not different




Not before, not after and not now


Is the other


The other is - and always will be - the same


S/he is always out there


A star on the horizon of your being


Without even being aware of it, as you engage in idle conversation,


You are constantly glancing up and away – to the horizon


Always remaining aware of his or her movement


For like eagles, ospreys and wolves you have mated for life


For all lives – every life - you have one true mate


Your other half


It is s/he that truly makes you whole


Yes, the pieces get moved around. Decisions have to be made


Decisions of consequence


Each one triggering a ripple effect into the future and the past


And after each one - after each and every decision


You unconsciously glance up and away - searching


Searching as the constant unfolding continues


Every time you think it is done you realize


There is another panel to open


More decisions to be made


Decisions of consequence


One day though, it will be over


It will be done.


Your work on this tier will be complete.


And as you roll down the grass covered hill in each other’s arms


Under clear blue skies, finally coming to a rest at the bottom


You look into the other’s eyes and recognize something tangled up in all the laughter.


Something different


Something the same





It is you!