A window
Filled with light
On the sea floor...
Beneath the surface
Beneath the waves
My hand rises
Slowly wiping the glass
Moisture beads on my fingertips
While shielding my eyes
I lean forward to look

A small wooden table
An ancient chair
A single candle
Burning steady and true
My fingertips make patterns on the glass
My eyes continue to take in the room
Long shadows
Streak through the light
The silence can be heard
The peace can be seen
She sits quietly
Leaning over the table
The eyes that move over the pages
Pools of water and sunlight

It is within this deep peaceful silence
These thoughts independently move to thee

To retain and hold dear
While remaining empty

To love openly...freely
Without wants, of course knowing

Time only exists
For those who choose to notice

But, how could I not have noticed
This single flame bearing my name

Burning steady and true
For all these ages

Miles beneath the surface