The rising sun

Warms the wind

Rushing through the fine grasses

Grasses rooted deep

In dark brown soil



Bounces and beads

Off and on the blades of grass

As days

Flip like playing cards

The echoes

Bounce off the surrounding hills


As time

Rushes forward

The loving blackness

Of the descending night sky

Finds stars and the moon

Standing watch from above


Watching waves


Pound the shore

Both the sun and moon

Know well - the bottomless sensuality of this kiss

They wait for each other - stare over the great expanse


Light up with all the colors of heaven and earth

But say nothing

Time rushing, twisting and turning again

As the fly silently soars over my head

Floating on the light morning air

Soaring forward


Before lightly settling on the surface

Of the sun-splashed water

Within this light-filled silence

A pulsating rhythm

Buffets my soul, while below

Gills rhythmically open and close in the rushing water


Eyes rotate upward

Light and all the colors of heaven and earth

Suddenly streak toward the surface

Life, light and color

Explode in the still morning

The river turns to watch impassively


As a soft breeze blows through my heart

My soul moves to the day’s slow rhythm

Both heart and soul knowing well

The bottomless sensuality

Of this gentle lingering kiss