It was a quiet moment
On deck
Bouncing and rolling...
Under a gray sky
In the middle of nowhere

From different worlds
We were
Thrown together
In close quarters
With a common thread
Then and now

Severe asthma
He spoke quietly
His dark face
“I told him to just go out and play
Like other kids”
He did often
A lot
In the low income
New Orleans neighborhood

“We called the ambulance as soon as we realized
It took over thirty minutes to get there
He died in my arms.”
Standing now
Silence hung amid the pounding waves
“Did you consider putting him in the car
Driving him yourself?”
You do not know how many times I have been back over that
I am not going to go over it anymore
I was doing what I thought was right.”
Silence hung amid the pounding waves

A hole in the sky
A hole in the heart
Through which rushes
A cold damp wind