Do you mind my kissing you like this?

I guess that means no,

But stop that…

There are limits to what I will do on a first date

He felt her laugh

Have I told you about your smile?

A kaleidoscope of color and light

Lit up his mind in the darkness

He had always loved her

As far back as he could remember

He had spent years

Waiting for her to show up

Did I ask you stop?

Nobody ever listened to him

He glanced down

At the beautiful bird in his hand

Captivated and transfixed

He ignored the foundation he felt shifting

Under his feet

Glancing up, he smiled

Now blue sky

Delicately he moved the bird to one hand

Gently cupping it in his palm

Then he raised his arm

Watching his hand pierce the blue sky

He felt feet and wings

Then nothing

As the bird lifted

A splash of color against eternity

Never here, never gone

Possession is always followed by loss

He felt her head and hair move against his chest and neck

He was drifting and falling

As he wrapped his arms around her bare shoulders

Cupping the back of her head

They fell together

Moments later

They were both gone