THE SONG                                         


Amid the emptiness                                 

And pale light of morning

Something emerged

Amidst the vacant buildings

Deserted streets

And vacant room of his soul

He was slowly being filled

By something far away

But coming fast

He knew

For him

It was long, slow and mournful

Reflecting his sadness

But with an underlying beauty

That was unlike anything he had ever heard

Soprano, falcon and alto

Mixing, matching and overlapping

In something he knew

Knew his heart

Moving fast

Obliterating emptiness

Filling his being

With a song

That no one had ever heard

But him

Until now

It filled his body

Every cell

With a melodic cadence

And his soul

With eyes light

He knew the song, sirens

And deep chorus

Had been waiting

For him

To sing

The song and singing

Were his

His song of life

His life song


His being

Both forward and backward

In time

To eternity