He whispers hello

As the hawk circles

And cartwheels

In the blue open sky


Swooping low

Over the open meadow

Then turning back to watch him

Again and again


He stands in the middle

Of the midsummer waist high grass


By her attention and beauty


His mind drifts back

Years of his youth

Rescuing a chick

Teaching it to hunt


A graphic affair

Then laughing

As he recalls

The bird fighting with the dog


Over a bone

In the backyard

Before disappearing

For good one sunny summer day


Into the open blue sky

Just like today

The hawk dips into a dive

A blur going by


A few yards from where he stands

He whispers thanks

For being able to witness

Her attention and beauty


“I give you beautiful bird

Creature of heaven

The open blue sky

This open field to hunt


Freedom always

My love always

Watching the bird soar

With a smile he again


Whispers hello