THE MIRROR OF TIME                                                                    


I step to the mirror, see the reflection

Younger than before

When I step away

It is gone


Yet I remain in all my joy and pain

I look at my hands and understand

Only the reflection

Nothing has vanished


A day is born

I step away

And it is gone

I now know


Only the reflection

Nothing has vanished

I step back to the mirror

And am younger than before


I look behind and see the crowds

And wonder – what do they see

Maybe it is a giant hoax

The world plays on me


If so, it is a long game

I play without haste

But I remain in wonder

At the beauty of your face


I step to the mirror in low light

And see the reflection young

I pause, put finger to my tongue

And then begin to write


“Know as you read these words

You live within me

Your image dances in front of me – yesterday, today and tomorrow

But I am too young now



Through the eyes of a child I see

The world’s great mistake

Assigning importance

To things that do not matter


What is truly important, I now know


Moist hesitant lips

A deer running in new snow

Round and rhythmic hips

Dancing low and slow


A sunset over mountain and sea

A fire on the beach

These I freely offer

Just do not look for me


I know I can only be trusted to hold

That which grows within my soul

This garden - takes all of my time now

So with moist eyes and a low bow


I offer all that I hold dear

Love, light and happiness

And final words

Whispered in your ear


To thee,


Love me”