If the sun refuses to wake

And the stars fall splashing into the cold deep ocean

Breaking his heart

And the moon

Hangs her lovely head

And drifts away

Truths drifting outside the realm of time observe, but remain unchanged


The sun as he sleeps…will blissfully dream

Of the stars falling willingly to a slow death

A slow death in the loving arms of the sea

And the moon as she drifts away with lowered head

Realizes she would gladly give up all to break her chains of solitude

The plummeting stars heedless and careless…splashing then streaking deep into the blue depths

Screaming, steaming turning from white to orange to black; then back to white


Their peals of laughter can be heard

As they writhe, spin and slowly die

In the arms of their eternal lover

Dying as one, and then instantaneously

Becoming another…borne by her

She sits centered and balanced watching him approach

He sits slowly facing her


Their eyes glow brighter and brighter until it appears they will explode

Luminescent beams of light seemingly seem to wrap them both

Wrapped in light, and a myriad of color the two appear to be moving

Or are they being carried?

He can feel his heart screaming, steaming then finally breaking

As they fall willingly… fall into the arms of love

Peals of laughter can be heard…then quite suddenly complete and utter stillness


Where there were two

There are now two…as one

Cheek to cheek…palm to palm

Two hearts beating in unison

A gender-neutral entity made up of two

And borne by love are carried through the ages…millenniums forward

High above the skeletal remains of earth – they spin in light – they dance in love; two borne by love


Dance now eternally…as one


And, the truths – watching - dancing outside the realm of time

Remain unchanged