She slowly unbuttoned his shirt

He was filled with trepidation

It had been a long time

Since this type of intimacy had been shared

Since this type of love had been encountered

“I will be gentle,” she promised


In slow motion it seemed

One moment he had been sitting

In the next he was falling

Long and far

He landed

In a strange unknown place

Some type of dense rainforest

Leaves, vegetation and drops of water

Fell from the overhead

Soaking his shoulders and the top of his head

Animal and birdcalls

Everywhere…all around

Some shrill long whistles

Some deep muffled roars

He felt as a spectator…detached

It was light

But the sun could not be seen

A heavy mist rose from the ground

He tried to walk, but his legs were heavy

Suddenly, without realizing how it had come to pass

He was lying down

Back to the dense vegetation that made up the forest floor

As he listened

The cacophony of forest sounds were subsiding

All the bird and animal calls… were fading

The mist also… was dissipating

Breaks appeared in the overhead

Revealing a large expanse of unbroken blue sky

With mild surprise he recognized his surroundings

Finally… he spoke

“Is that what you call being gentle?”

He felt her soft laugh

He felt her hands

Her breath

Her closeness

He watched a white cloud slowly drift apart

And disappear into the endless blue sky

Without surprise

Almost with expectation

He realized he was again


He heard wind and water

It seemed to move inside…carving a channel through his mind

Carving a channel through his being

Spreading his arms he eased himself into the channel

Felt himself being lifted



Slowly closing his eyes

He was gone