clutter & loss



Are all we really have


The only place we can truly learn


The only vessel

Carrying true meaning


The roar of the sea

Frantically tries to capture your attention

The empty sky screams

”Please look here!”

You are captured by the shadow of a bird at your feet

A horn honks somewhere

A door slams

Dandelion seeds being pulled from the stalk

Spinning into lost oblivion

Leaving a stark and bare husk

“What was that I was thinking of…?”

Did it matter yesterday?

Will it matter tomorrow?

Stop for a minute

A voice…distant & far away

“Can I ask?


What is in your heart?”


The child carries the battered package to her

“Here, this is yours – I think you will recognize it”

“It could not be mine

I have never been there

I was not even alive…”

She reluctantly accepts the small battered bundle

She begins to unfold the stained wrappings

The child steps back lowering his head

Time stops


She stares… freezing as she drops the last fold

Tears begin to pour from her eyes

Her voice is a hushed & torn whisper

“My god…

This used to be mine…”