Dim light

Silent slow moving silhouettes

An allegorical fire

Filled with black smoldering coals

Sporadically struck by a fresh breeze

Turning orange and white with a shower of sparks

That is how it was…

We were not thinking we were simply reacting

She placed a palm on my chest and leaned back

Arching her back

In an age-old wrestling move

I reached up with my legs and gently caught her shoulders

Pulling her over and simultaneously sitting up

Gently embracing her midsection with my thighs

As I filled my lungs with the cool air within the room

I heard her release a slow controlled exhale

I leaned forward and down

Our noses touched

I felt her teeth gently clasp my lower lip

And pull

And we were still

As we lay there

Communicating without words

The windows slowly and gradually filled with light

And then splashes of blue

And white

We sat over coffee at the kitchen table

Again no words

A magnificent level of comfort between us

An almost visible bond

She looked up

You will come over when you are done?

We can eat here tonight and just hang

I felt a shadow of apprehension move over me

“There is something I have to tell you”

She looked up in mild alarm


“I am injured”

She looked at me blankly for a moment

Then a bright smile slowly moved across her face

She leaned forward across the table

“My friend,

The first thing all great athletes learn

Is how to play hurt”

My level of discomfort and apprehension increased two-fold

When I think back

The images that come to me

Are of bright sunny cool days

Cobblestone streets

Bare brown legs

A blue skirt and a white wool sweater

Blowing in the breeze


Bouncing down the cobblestone streets

We ran together for a long time

We were happy

I remember now

And I will always remember some of the first words she said to me

“I could not believe it when I looked up and saw you walk in that place”

Our paths diverged of course

Pulling us apart

I wonder where she is now

I hope she is well

We were simply a Russian girl and an American boy

Doing our bit to diffuse the growing tensions between our countries.