Filia looked down with great concern. Humankind had lost their way. They were wandering aimlessly. Their words were not connected. Their aura was dark. Their sight was failing. They could not find or see life-giving nourishment lying right in front of them. Humankind was dying.


Filia studied her robes. She had promised her father she would not interfere with the fate of humankind. Whatever that turned out to be. She knew her father’s patience was at an end. He had labored for all of time to show them the way… to teach them how to thrive as a species. Despite his best efforts, and the simplicity involved in his teachings. They simply did not get it. Filia knew all of this. She also dearly loved and respected her father. But, despite all their shortcomings, she also loved humanity. She had to do something. She would speak with Terra.


“You have to begin with one.” Terra’s face was grave with hints of anger. He had at first refused to speak with Filia. Stating he was perfectly willing to let humankind fade into oblivion. In fact he had stated he was looking forward to the day. He had showed Filia the fresh wounds and old scars humankind had inflicted on his body. Yes he was angry. But, Filia being Filia by the end of the conversation Terra was wearing a tight smile and had repeated, “You cannot do all at once – you have to begin with one.”


Quaesitor was in the forest. He had retreated from humankind. Nobody knew where or how he spent his time. He was seen now and again, but not often. Today he was following a small mountain stream into the high country. He worked up the stream slowly and cautiously. Filia appeared in front of him. Quaesitor stopped walking. He had seen the brilliant aura appear out of nowhere over the stream ten-meters in front of him. Gradually he made out Fila’s form. He was stunned. Never in his life had he ever imagined such beauty.


Without a word Filia walked forward and gently kissed him. Quaesitor felt the blood rush into his face. His vision was going in and out of focus. A deafening sound – falling water – filled his ears. The stream was laughing!


They spoke for a long time. Their bare feet slowly waved in the water in rhythm with their words. Their thoughts floated and hung in the air around them. During their discussion they were guarded and shielded by the forest. The stream slowly massaged their feet while listening intently to their plan. Though it was the first time they had ever spoken – their words looked and sounded like the continuation of a timeless conversation. As suddenly as it began, the conversation ended. There was only the stream singing softly while rolling down the mountainside.


Years and decades passed. The process was slow, but humanity began to recover. Quiet words began to replace the harsh catcalls of the crow. Individuals began to be seen with shards of light beaming from their being. Individuals learned where to find proper nourishment. Strong quiet spirits began to emerge and quietly lead humanity.


Filia and Quaesitor? Some shrug and say they are both simply folklore…a pleasant story to tell your children while tucking them in at night. Others say they are very real – that they still speak – that they always have and always will meet and speak. There are a nomadic people that live above treeline in the alpine meadows far above the stream where the first conversation of Filia and Quaesitor reputedly took place. An old woman of this village – a gatherer – claims to have seen them both while out collecting wild herbs and flowers.


When asked about her story – what she claims to have seen - color and light swirls in her eyes. At first she will be reluctant to speak, but if pressed she will simply say, “Mane lumen simul ridens!”


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