Moss grows
Only on the north side of the tree
In the northern hemisphere 
This is correct

Moss grows
Only on the south side of the tree
In the southern hemisphere 
This is correct

Who would separate children
From their families
Without good reason?
Very few societies

In the history of humankind
Have made this decision
Who would put 
Children in cages?

Calling thus the dog pound?
I have no answer
Denying a child
The very basics for life

When they would be given freely
I have no answer
Suzanne Simard
Buried in the wood

Makes the stunning discovery
Trees talk to each other
I wonder
What do they say?

We are at a turning point
The world
Are at a tipping point

In the grand scheme of things it does not really matter
I still cannot help but wonder
Which way will we go?