I do not have to be political to not like certain things. Black and white still photographs sticking in my mind. A mom bending down to tie the sneaker of her five-year old daughter before they are pulled apart. Never to be together again. A seven-year old girl perishing while imprisoned. They put her body on a sterile operating table and cut her open to examine the...now not working parts. Unemotionally proclaiming, “She would have been violently sick for a long time. Trespasses do not justify passive brutal violence. Especially against children.

You can cover it up,but it does not go away. The young woman is incredibly beautiful. It is neither here nor there. Neither meaningful nor meaningless. Simply empty words echoing down a canyon. Bouncing off the granite walls into eternal emptiness. Within the face and features of a young woman lays the hope for humanity’s world.

This day, yesterday, tomorrow...is it predetermined...the past tense waiting to occur. March...a grey muddy month. But, it has already given way to June. Above the clouds the sky is blue. The ice is breaking up in the rivers. Huge chunks bobbing and swirling downstream into the wood. Never to be seen again. I watch myself in a non-ending string of tomorrows. Despite it all. Despite everything. All the befores and afters. Despite the fleeting image in the mirror drifting in and out of focus we call now. I have to smile ~