THE STONE                                                        


He was under a bright blue sky

Sunshine saturated all

His bare feet slid carefully along the riverbed

The water and rocks pleasant on bare flesh

Sunshine, water and rocks equally pleasant on his bare soul

Which lay silently basking in the sun

Sun, water and blue sky

Along an isolated stretch of wild backwater

Old growth forest watching

Hanging over both banks

He caught the flash and glitter

In the corner of his eye

He stopped, turning to look

A stone, perfectly round

Surrounded, constantly cleansed and polished

By running bubbling wild water

He slid sideways, carefully sitting on a flat protruding rock


As all the colors of water and earth

All the different shades

Shined and evolved with the slow-moving day

Flexing with the sun and light

He let his head fall back

Tilting up toward the sky

The warm sun and cool blue air

Pleasant on his face

He felt the beginnings of a slow smile

He knew her

Was surprised she found him

On this isolated stretch of beautiful backwater

With eyes closed

Being open and exposed

His soul flexing with the sun and light

He softly whispered

The words quickly swept away

His head then lowered

Eyes returning


As color and light coming off the stone

Briefly froze in time