Climbing inward
Upward from the river
Entering deeper and deeper

Into the vein in the granite
The cold granite sides pressing in closer and closer
Against his cold wet skin
Just when he seemed he could go no further

He sensed a widening in the blackness
Pushing his hands forward
He felt a perfect oval
Pushing his hands against the bottom

He pulled himself in
Bending his upper torso
Pulling his legs all the way in
Pulling his knees up against his chest

There was a deafening crack
The opening to the oval closed
Sealing seamlessly 
All sense of being

Years later
Lives later
Generations later

After laughing playing children
Had grown up
To become serious somber adults
Before perishing in wonder and madness

Then their children
Had repeated the process
A jungle had grown above the river
Wild, uninhabited other than the animals and birds

Completely untamed
Birds sang
Hunters hunted
Lush green plants blossomed in the light

A jaguar sat on a granite knoll above the river
All was still
Until a deafening crack split the morning air

Splitting the granite knoll
Leaving a dark opening in the black rock
Out of which spilled light
In controlled form

In living form
Shooting in a beam directly to the sun
Then back down 
Dispersing over the earth

Before settling as stars
In the eye's of the jaguar
The granite dust settled
Birds once again began to sing

It was then the jaguar without a sound
Slipped silently
Back into the forest