It is an old story
Told over and over again
Over the centuries
Even touched on here before
In another light

The backroads of Oregon
A backstreet bar
An ex-middleweight contender 
A Vietnam vet
Big trouble

"If you go in there he will kill you."
She tried to stop it
He looked at me
"I heard the doors slam open behind me and spun,
Tripped the shot off right before he hit me..."

A bright red life drained out in the urinal
He stood in the middle of the foc'sle
In purple underpants
He was found not guilty

We could hear the waves crash outside the window
A prestigious cottage
She held on to the top button of her shirt
"I do not know why I I am sleeping with you"
I answered with silence

"I am not a normal girl"
Long pause
"I do not have a chest"
A voice inside my head said
"I knooow that"

She was very beautiful
She is with me still
He is 87
From Millinocket

Went to West Point
We could have carried on forever
I like anybody
That calls me son
He has a perpetual smile

It is a good way to be
I speak with plants, animals and the wide open sky
Not too much to people
My body is my oldest friend 
We know each other well

There is and always will be
Angry voices outside the door
Sunlight and laughter
Love and a delicate search for meaning
Until the beginning and the end

There will always be life and madness