Whence once I was out walking
Along a barren coastline of an unknown world
A high melodious distant wail
Of sirens singing from distant isles
Reached my ears
Whilst upon climbing a small knoll
Into a small field a fine grasses and wildflowers
Hark, a figure ahead
Motionless other than long hair dancing with the wind
Frozen as if a sculpture without a thread of cloth
Covering her flawless copper colored skin
The sun...suddenly abashed ducked behind the clouds
Thunder suddenly accompanied the sirens song
Torrential spring rain pelted the earth
How, when, what...before I knew it we were falling
I was being transported to an unknown dimension
Of vibrant color and light
Unintelligible mixed sounds that somehow had meaning
Filled my ears
There was a mixture of pleasure and pain
My heart was being torn from my body
"Let me die 
Let me live!
Let me never leave this place!"
Then there was silence
I opened my eyes
Whilst on my back
In the now wet field of fine grasses and wildflowers
I watched white cumulus clouds drifting by overhead
I was in pieces
I was whole
Filled with confusion
Filled with clarity
I was...I knew
As I lay there not moving
Forever changed ~