It had been a long hot summer day
Running behind the tractor and baler
Picking up square bales and throwing them on the flatbed

The pristine pond was isolated
Deep in the woods
And long shadows of early evening streaked the surface

I had already shed my clothes and was in the water
She was getting undressed on the bank
One of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen
We had become inseparable 

And although there was a lot of sexual energy always dancing around us
Our relationship had remained platonic
Knee deep in water she approached
Stopping a couple feet away

I remained where I was
Taking in the moment
Taking in the day
I did nothing

I know now, and knew then
She was baffled
The thing was I could see the scene from outside myself
It was perfect

Like a painting
Not sure if it is finished
But very happy with it
Paint brush in hand

Thinking, I better not touch it
I do not want to, pardon the expression
Fuck it up
Isn't that how it is sometimes

She was so beautiful 
The memory is so pleasant
I know now
I made the right decision

I stare into the coffee and smile 
How I arrived back at that pond