You generally see things go before they are gone
You breeze by the extremis point of loss like brushing a mosquito from the back of your neck
You brush your sweaty neck while thinking, "Nah...""
In shipping the extremis point is past when you pass the point where actions can be taken to avoid a collision
You pass that point and nothing in the world you do will avoid the inevitable
You are going to hit
It is the waiting that stays with you
It takes a loaded supertanker eight-miles to stop with the engines full astern
Life be like that sometimes
The open door swings in the summer breeze
Sunlight and shadow play on the floor
An occasional banging
Outside in the sunlight birds are singing
The postman loses a letter
The toast burns
Someone falls in love
Someone falls out of love
Everybody presumes to know 
" Not knowing is true knowledge
Presuming to know is a disease" (Tao te Ching)
She speaks quietly
"All intelligence is culturally based
We do not have a way to measure true intelligence"
I wonder what is at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean
I wonder if there are people in the biggest wilderness
That are completely nocturnal
I wonder how old the earth is in dog years
Or earth years
I think about the extremis point
And wonder if I have passed it
With the shepherds pie in the oven
A pleasant question 
A pleasant thought
A pleasant reality bubble
That soon
Will cease to exist ~