He crouched at the edge of the lake
There was no wind
The lake was a mirror
And the sun

Was just peeking
Over the trees 
He had been walking for days 
Until this morning

When he had found himself 
Beside this lake
There was not a sound 
He watched his reflection

His reflection watched him
He rose and walked into the trees
Behind him 

His reflection stopped drinking
But lifted his head 
And continued to watch him
She was

They both knew
She was 

But this lake
And like places
Were her home
That is why

He had walked for days 
He wanted to live with her
He returned to the edge of the lake

The reflection stood
His hand went to his head
With the razor sharp knife 

He sliced the fish
From vent to jaw
Reaching in
He pulled everything out

Throwing it into the lake
Gutting the fish 
At the same time gutting himself
Their innards mixed then slowly sank

Small fish came out of shadow
And began to feed
His reflection broke up and drifted away 
To reform

In another place
On another day
Beginning the age-old process
Of rebirth