A night of drinking and dancing
Just enough time to change
Then out on deck to breakaway
That can take a long time

You can wait forever for the tugs
Dropping the lines
Pulled off the dock 
Let the tugs go

Engines kick in
Kill the deck lights
That smell
Open ocean

Everyone is quiet
Lost in their own thoughts
The lines need to be stowed
The deck secured for sea 

First light
We were finished
And gone
Beginning days or weeks at sea

I look at E
“You are going to want to wait here”
“”You are not going to ask her!”

Some time goes by
“Did she say yes?”

Unbelievable photo”
“Oh boy…”
Oh boy

French bread and other seasonal fare
With warm words
Crashing waves

The late afternoon rays of summer
Grace our table
Amidst a quiet peace
On Labor Day