She walked down the empty road alone
Something inside her had broken
Her life
Was a blank page

I watched the eagle float
So very high in the sky
I could see the sorrow

A wolverine
Had just consumed her blood
The wind
Moaned through the trees

Would not return to the nest
Something inside her had broken

The door creaked open
To the empty house
Empty and still
She inhaled the damp drab gray stillness

Still holding her bags
She found a chair and silently sat
She weakly realized
It had begun to rain


The fire burned
Orange in the isolated twilight
Stars beginning to show overhead
Rocks in the course sand

Glowing with the heat
One with loss
One with gain
Day ends

Night begins
"Every end
Unavoidably a new beginning" (I Ching, the Book of Changes: Yi Jing)
The pencil moved 

Over faded and creased pages
Inside the book
To be read again in the morning
To be read again

Years from now
A loon screamed
The echo
Bouncing off the inside of my mind

Bouncing off the coming night
Bouncing off the departing day
Bouncing forever
Off eternity ~