He was not old


He just looked old

I was watching him

As his hand went to his belly

A big fat round belly

He rubbed it slowly

As his eyes lost all expression

Drifting away

I could read the question in his mind

What happened?


The two girls walked slowly to the end of the drive

Chests out

Smiles on their faces

One tucked her chin against her chest

Eyes down, looking down

Yes, yes…yes

Years flew by

Feeling like Dorian Gray

As I watch from a distance

Her blank empty face looks at me with a question

What happened?


I heard the conversation

From a quiet distance

We told her it was time to go

She was out of school…an adult now

I saw her a couple weeks later walking through Wal-Mart

With an older fat dumpy dude

She followed him

A couple steps behind


On her mind

I turned away in heavy shadow


People are held hostage by the culture in which they were born

Gang raped from birth by the culture that surrounds them

Not knowing or realizing the violation


Until it is too late

Then asking in quiet desperation

What happened?

What happened… is what did not happen


Listening to allowance…awareness…guidance…within a blossoming spirit

Listening…becoming one with a symphony that is yours and yours alone


A symphony that will play one time in all eternity

Beginning before you arrive

Not ending until after you leave

Tethered to nothing…but you

A symphony listening and playing to every one of your footfalls

Playing to and for every one of your fleeting and passing thoughts

Playing in rhythm and harmony with the drumming of your heart

Singing of beauty

Singing of danger

Singing of love

Singing of both euphoria and risk



Singing of your fleeting time on this earth

Yes, singing…a symphony and spiritual guide that is not only for you


With wide eyes you come to realize

It is you!