I remember the walk

The steady gain in altitude

The pleasing sweat and heavy breathing

Listening to my solitary footsteps

Listening to my solitary heart


Humming along with the wind


Humming the same song as my hand brushes over a smooth forehead

Later I lay with my back to the hardwood, my hand waves in front of my face

My open hand softly pushes and caresses the darkness

I hear doors softly opening and closing

As my name falls and echoes throughout the house


I listen to the distant voices


I listen to the waves along an isolated autumn beach

A natural body turning slowly within natural light

Finding the beautiful side

That exists within each and every person

Please, hold that for a sec


You are lovely


Lovely twenty-degree nights

Stars overhead

Coffee and trout on the fire

Red, yellow and orange leaves rustle

Then fall into the deep dark night


Red, yellow and orange flames


Hiss, spit and pop in the night

Celebrating the complete isolation

Of this beautiful wild place

Putting the plate aside

I wrap and warm my hands around the brown ceramic mug


It is then I think of her

She I have never seen

She that shadows my foot falls

She that watches from the shadows

Shadowing, watching and waiting


Pushing her hair back she whispers softly into the deep dark night

Patience, Love


I am coming