It is sadness really,

That is what I feel

Sadness for the loss

Sadness for the fall

Sadness for the downward spiral

Into the dirt and mud

Where we now remain mired

Once we were,

A proud young woman

Head aloft in the cleansing breezes

Found her place

Found her way

Found her lofty position in the world

Through dissent

Through clear and honest dissent

Brought about

Clear and honest change

Now clear and honest dissent


Brings chains

Brings iron bars

Brings the dirt and mud

Where we now remain mired

“For the people,

By the people”

No longer relevant,

Or so it seems

This corner of the earth now

Is the mirror image of the piece of earth

Our forefathers

Our founding fathers


For a better way

Big money

Back room deals

The masses

The people


No longer figure into the equation

At all

And we did this,

It could not have happened any other way

Certainly there was manipulation

By people we were supposed to be able to trust,

But there will always be manipulation

We simply did not see through it

This time

Because we have lost our way

Lost our identity

Lost our innocence

To the fast talking people

To the people

Who talk at us

Not with us

So it is sadness



Sadness and loss

I am experiencing

On this gray morning

Of the first day

Of the first month

Of a new year