The barter and sale of moments

Lacking all authentic and original expression

Flow with the unsolicited distribution

Of canned emotion

And negotiated love



With the tinny ring

Of authority that lacks substance

Are all pushed into a pile

Then slowly but deliberately


Pushed off the edge of the table

Two hands slowly and silently push the darkness

Feeling the resistance within the emptiness

She kneels in front of him

In her solemn face he recognizes compassion and understanding


She knows she can never leave him

And, she also knows he will always be alone

With her hands on his knees she pulls herself closer

From the bag hanging at her waist

She pulls a faded and cracked ceramic mug


Holding it in front of him she asks,

“Are you the emptiness within?

Or are you emptiness without? I know…

You have found the answer, and your reward…

Is endless solitude, for all eternity


Here by my side”