They said he was suffering

Suffering from a number of maladies and disorders

Among themselves they said,

“The MF just won’t speak”

If you asked him

If he would answer

He would tell you,

He did not decide not to speak

He just hit a point where nothing seemed important enough to verbalize

And soon thereafter he simply stopped talking

Soon after that

Something began to happen

Things began to become clearer

Kind of like the morning fog blowing off open water

Realizations began to blossom

Like one of those time lapse videos showing flowers popping up and open all over the place one after another

Before that it had been sex

Canya had looked at him long and hard for a moment before saying,

“This is fucking great, you’re telling me you you’re an a-sexual now

He still smiled then

Things grow lighter when he thinks back to that moment

She is the only one that still comes around

She sits in front of him looking up from time to time

After a couple days her expression changed

It went from kind of blank with a hint of impatience

To focused like she was hearing or seeing something far away

She was…


Hearing and seeing something far away


She would speak at first

Somewhat to herself, somewhat to him

Not anymore

She just sits in the middle of the silence listening


The last thing she said was nine-days ago

She said it softly with her head down

But, with her eyes raised looking and leaning into him

Directing her words right into his eyes


“I am coming with you.”