We stood at the very bottom of a saltwater basin


Surrounded on all sides by water and towering cliffs


Water rained down from the top of the cliffs filling our ears with a beautiful song as it fell into the water that surrounded us


On all sides our images looked back at us from the blue-green water


Reflecting in and off the water, and in and off the glistening blue-black cliffs


Our images appeared to distort and dance as they were pushed and pulled by the falling water and tiny waves


She asked me to look around, and tell her what I saw


Everywhere there was light, and moving, shimmering distorted images of us both


She told me to focus only on my image


My image - me - as dominos dancing and extending endlessly into a bright tunnel


Stretching – smaller and smaller - into infinity before finally disappearing


First, front then side then back always moving – distorting into something unrecognizable and then… the mirror image of me…standing looking back at me


Her voice seemed to come from a distance


“What do you see?”






“Not bad”


“The me here in the center is the only one that is real?


These others are reflections of myself walking through my life at different ages in different periods of time?”


After a briefer pause her voice seemed to come to me from an even greater distance


“No, none of them are real.


They are all merely distorted reflections of something else


In another place


Simple reflections of light


Nothing more, nothing less


None of them


Are you


None of these reflections


Including the primary reflection in the center


Are real


Or possess any real substance


They are simple reflections of events that took place long ago


In another place and another time


Far, far away”


There was a brief silence, then awareness


The water raining down from the top of the cliffs filled my ears with a haunting, yet beautiful song