We sat on a riverbank. A warm pleasant breeze was washing over our faces. A mist rose from the river seamlessly blending sky and water. Clouds of tiny water droplets were following the current downstream. Fishing rods sat forgotten to our right. The silence – all but for the wind and water – was very comfortable. At what seemed like the right time, the words began.


“We are temporal beings in this place. That is…our bodies have a shelf life. And time of course, does not exist. That bit about a thousand years being like a day and a day being like a thousand years is true.

It is just something we made up – hours, days, years…all just words.


Our spirits…our energy…now that is a bit different. We somehow stumbled upon this, but do not really recognize this truth in its entirety. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed – it can only change form. Our spirit survives, and endures forever. However the world of science has never applied this “pillar of knowledge” to the energy that drives our body. Winston Churchill touched on this with one of his better quotes, Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.

Here is where the important stuff comes in – remembering – all that you have learned and who you are – really.


Most of us end up drooling in some hospital before our bodies finally expire – find ourselves on the other side with our friends waiting – they are looking at the ground. It takes a moment or two to comprehend all, before finally asking, “How did I do?” When no one looks up you have the answer.  “Sheeet…but I am not going back right away!”


So yes, remembering, I guess there in no blueprint. All I know is it involves listening…to yourself…and to that fragile little red pump that keeps the body upright.


Keep in mind everything is connected. Everything is connected in that timeless place. Everything moves within a seemingly mad plan. There are no coincidences. That girl….something is happening there. There are only a few things truly worthwhile; spirit, which feeds on creativity. And love. Love most of all. Everything else is simply odds and ends rolling around on deck.


This is what I have remembered thus far.”