The dim fading light of an early summer evening
“Can you just stay where you are?
How you are...
Can we just lay here and rest?”
It was a wonderful thought
Two souls
At peace together
As one
I know now
Looking back
She had a good idea
It would be the last time we made love

She handed me the book
I am looking at it now
“I know you really like this”
Inside the front cover
In green felt fine tip pen
“Knowing that you are always here
To understand and accept me,
helps me get along in the confused world.
If every person could have someone just like you,
The world would become a peaceful garden.
I love you.”
The cover of the book is old
Stained by over twenty tumultuous years
The pages are faded
I love books like this
They are old friends

He sat on the launch
Watching the island fade into the distance
Watching the prison fade into oblivion
He spoke
How he was consumed with sadness
He explained
It was a prison
But it had been my home for over twenty years
I loved my small garden
I had friends
Yes, I was consumed with sadness
To be leaving
This home
To be leaving
This prison
Does not that speak to the human condition?

He found himself in prison
That is not entirely accurate
He found It in prison
He knew the man coming out
Was much different
Than the man that went in
He found peace
He found truth
Is not this what we spend our lives searching for?
Well, he found It
He became enlightened
In prison
He is the most eloquent speaker
The finest example of a human being
I have ever seen

I like her words
I like her face
I do not know her
In all likelihood
I never will
I can still smile
While reading her words
I am looking forward to the election being over
So she can go back to her garden
She is much too strong for me

I watched the 14-year old eat
Did you like camp?
Did you enjoy eating in the dining room?
Not as much as I enjoy eating here…
But I enjoyed it.”
That is where I am right now
Basking in love
Looking for peace
Looking for truth
Looking for It!

A prison is still a prison, is still a prison is still a prison
Spending a life
Trying to ignore fear
This thing that does so much damage to so many lives
Trying not to settle
Following the broken branches
Looking for tracks
Following the blood trail
Laying both ahead and behind
From where I now tread