She slowly unfolded the worn stained burlap.


“Where did you get this?”


He did not answer the question directly, and simply said, “It is hundreds of years old.”


She pulled back the last piece of burlap, and her hands froze. It was a necklace of sorts. Multiple loops interwoven with tear drop ends hanging free.


The material…stones she did not recognize…bone, feather…again that she did not recognize; and a mix of other material…none known to her.


Finally she picked it up and held it in front of her. She had never seen anything as beautiful. With some surprise, she realized she was frightened. And…she could feel it…even hanging loose in front of her.


She looked at him, and as if reading her thoughts he simply gave a quick almost imperceptible nod.


He stood and slowly reached for the necklace hanging from her hands.


She realized she was very reluctant to let it go, but after a moment she did.


He moved behind her and hung it in front of her, gently pulling each end around her neck. She felt his hands working behind her neck…felt him let go,


Instantly…for lack of a better word…she felt her world…shift.


She could see the days – stretching out both behind and in front of her. She realized they were not terribly important


But, she could now see other things; things that had been lost to her only moments earlier.


She realized her instincts had been right – she had good reason to be frightened.


She now realized why he had given her the necklace. And more importantly, she knew what it was…