Ice House Pond



Tucked into an out of the way corner of Martha’s Vineyard

We had been haying

Jenny and I

I cannot tell you how long I had been chasing her

How beautiful she was!

The water was like glass

We were hot, covered with hay dust and tired

After partaking while sitting side by side on the bank

It was time for a swim

She walked out into knee deep water

Pulled her halter top over her head

Dropped, then kicked her Indian dress up into her hands

Peeled off everything

Then threw all up on the bank and stood there looking at me

I was having difficulty speaking before this took place

Now I was completely and utterly speechless

I do not want to go into a lot of detail about what happened

All I will say is my thoughts were the scene in front of me could not be improved

Could not be any more beautiful

Simply impossible

I was not at all sure sex would improve the afternoon or our relationship

I will leave it at that

We had a nice swim

Grins glued to our faces as we rode back to the farm in my red ’59 Chevy step side

We could watch the road pass by underneath our bare feet

Isaw her again you know

Over twenty-years later

Parking cars on the Swan’s Island Ferry while working my way through UMaine as a non traditional student

One kid on the ground, another on the way

Something made me turn

She was sitting in the passenger seat looking at me

She looked older

A little drawn (glad that shit doesn’t happen to me!)

I walked around to the back of the car to make sure

Yup, New Jersey plates – she returned home

The last I saw of her she was heading to the University of California

I was heading overseas

A received a couple of letters, but then the thing dropped out of the bottomless draw of time

Countless shirts being pulled over heads in the night

In the firelight

Unspeakably beautiful tan lines

All in summer


Non-ending stretches of sand, light and blue green salt water

As I sit there baking my skin and baking my soul

Waves crashing into the inner recesses of my mind

I understand

Why all living things need the sun

Sitting beneath the sun for eight recent summers

Alone on a Kubota

Haying 150-acres

The square of grass getting smaller and smaller

A smallerrefuge for the multitude of critters hiding within

With the army of hawks circling overhead


What a spectacle

Summer nights




The non-ending cacophony of summer sounds

Children screaming on the beach





The screaming ofa fly reel at dawn

All these things ask me the same question

Life asking me in her quiet, but powerful voice

“Do you hear me?”

My answer is always the same

It never wavers

“Loud and clear”

Of all the magical moments

The sun-splashed light filled summers

The love filled summers

Filled with soul-shaping moments

You know the one I love the best

The one sitting right in front of me

The song

After all this time

Whatever that is

Is the same

Only refined

And even more beautiful