I first visited the river in my dreams

It was so familiar

Every detail living and breathing in such clarity

I knew I had been there before

I knew it was real


To reach the end

To reach the spot where the climb can truly begin

A journey must be made to the beginning

Flat black water of an endless lake…canoes finally pulled up into the rocks

We tenderly hold life in hands as crossings are carefully chosen


Wet slippery boulders selected

To traverse the falls

Safely across the climb begins

A family of lynx sits silently watching

All is still as we move above the wood and the climb begins in earnest


Finally our eyes break free of rock finding the plateau

We have arrived

The water seems to come out of a sheer rock face

It spreads out and runs through a glacial rock laden indentation

A small powerful indentation in the earth’s surface


The river runs


Very softly

Very beautifully

The spillage…the physical location is quite small


Very small, very powerful and very beautiful

I sit exhausted

Exhausted, but knowing a peace that cannot be described

Finally I turn and look at her

Through it all she has said nothing


Through the initial description

Through the preparation

Through the incredible journey


She stands motionless staring at the water with tears running down her face


The silence and singing

Louder now heavy and powerful

A heavy powerful sadness also hangs over us both

Beauty and sadness mixing, merging and holding hands

Why sadness?


Why tears?

We cry knowing

Both our pasts…both our histories

Both the people we thought we knew

Were now gone





And joy

As a sad beautiful song of clarity


Continues to spill into the thin air

Rejoicing in our arrival