Can I kiss you?


Her green dress was low cut

Her skin lily white

Holding a tantalizing flush from the recent sun

Her upper torso was swelling with health and vibrancy

Her red hair was up behind her head

Stray escaped strands fell here and there

The room was crowded

The question had been a whisper

Pale blue bottomless eyes simply looked at him

Finally she partially repeated the question

As if she had misheard

Or misunderstood his question

Kiss me?



She continued to simply look at him


A light appeared in her eyes

They ever so briefly shifted left then right taking in the multitude of people on either side

Then they moved back to him and froze

The corners of her mouth were trying to fight off a smile

“Yes…you can.”

He slowly stepped forward half of step

Then slowly leaned forward

His hands were clasped behind his back

He placed a light kiss on the corner of her mouth

He felt her turn slightly towards him

He allowed his head to drop and placed another light kiss on the side of her neck

He felt her chin lift


He was also aware that the loud drone caused by multiple conversations taking place at the same time had vanished

The room was completely and utterly quiet

He lifted his head and caught her top lip

Kissing and pulling softly

Continuing to lift his head he kissed her cheek

Then her left eye

He felt her right hand land on his left shoulder

He pulled his head back and slowly stepped back half a step

Back to his original position

His hands were still clasped behind his back

Her right hand was still on his shoulder

He looked at her

The smile was gone


The was a light mist in her eyes

Again, after a slight delay she spoke in a quiet whisper

That was more than one


I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world

“You are…”

A full smile exploded across her face

He felt her hand drop from his shoulder and slip through his arm

She began to gently guide him to the side of the room

The smile still graced her face as they slowly moved as one

It started gradually

The drone of conversations

One here…one there

Coughing like an old outboard


He felt, and was aware of the eyes coming in from all sides

As he listened to the conversations

Gathering steam

By the time they reached the wall it was back to where it had been a few moments earlier

A loud continuous drone

The eyes were gone

It was if nothing had happened

A soft hand again landed on his shoulder

Bringing him back to the present

She turned him fully towards her

The smile was still on her face

Laughter was still in here eyes

But her eyes were piercing and motionless…capturing and holding his attention

She had questions