Our mandate…”For the people,

By the people”


Is defined by the opportunity to earn…fair wages

Within just working conditions

Allowing a home

Allowing a full table


Allowing two jobs

Should be against the law

Losing one’s only true possession

One’s life


A declaration of independence

Given to us by the morning light

Given to us by the stars at night

Given to us by love’s warm gentle breath on cheek



Our unalienable rights

Declaring our declaration of formation

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


“Excuse me”

I remember the young mind when something said really caught his attention

“What did you say?”

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be found…in prison

Prison should be a last resort

Laced with sadness

Prison is only an option that should be mandated


To protect the people

To protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Shooting somebody

Shooting an innocent human being…


Could there possibly be anything worse?

It is very dark here

Can we possibly have openness, acceptance and art?

I laugh when I remember the words when learning to steer the big rigs


“If you are 15-degrees off course

You do anything…even if it is wrong”

There are reasons…there are always reasons

For everything


Maybe not good reasons

Maybe not reasons that are acceptable

But reasons there are…




Not political

But patriotic

Simply fucking patriotic


Do you remember the childhood games?

A specific game

Gone awry

No longer flowing


He doesn’t say much

She doesn’t do much

Simply picks up a few things

And quietly walks away


In the silence you can feel the incredible power

Of that one sole simple act