A small moss and grass-covered knoll

Knees pulled up slightly

Hands pressed together

Tucked under my head

Eyes closed


Listening to the wild and living babbling stream

Dancing and singing a few yards from my head

An occasional birdcall

The ever-moody wind of course

The only other sounds

But my attention

My awareness

Always is focused entirely on the quiet little song

Being sung by the stream

As she moves quickly along

The shift always happens quickly

Without advance notice

The first thing noticed

Is the sudden absence of all sound

It is quiet

Delightfully peaceful


And awareness

On another level

All around


As with any spontaneously unfolding reality

There is risk

At times


Why just the other day

A European city

Cobblestone streets

A sidewalk café

Spilling into…

Train stations


The risk in that given situation increasing


My exact thoughts at the time

I do not remember traveling here

I do not remember anything about that part


This might not be real

Or…more accurately

It may not be the unreal place where I spend most of my time

I ask my partner

“Do you remember traveling here?”


“You do…? You remember our flight out?”



This is…”


I hear something

A distant soft song

I feel something move on the side of my face and realize

My hands

Before I even open my eyes

I whisper the words

“Thank you”

Back in the unreal


I open my eyes

Remaining motionless

Watching and listening to the stream

Not moving

For a long time

The clouds slowly drift by overhead

In the distance I hear a bird

I think about the dude

The guy that seemed so familiar

Approaching us in the cafe with kind words

And advice

Waving off our thanks

With a smile

Walking away

Swallowed by the mist

The mist

Hovering and covering

The ever-present waiting