“Do you want to go for a boat ride?”

From what I could see she was beautiful


Long duster type coat

White West Coast Stetson

Beautiful I was certain, but it was dark

Tough to see the hand in front of your face


On this overcast dark night on the San Pedro dock

We did not speak as she and I covered the three miles

The lights of the supertanker visible almost as soon as we left the dock

She watched the lights

I watched the white wake with my feet up resting on the rail

We did not speak, but never the less there was a connection

An understanding


We both understood the conditions of our aloneness

We were both…very comfortable with this preferred reality

Of course we were not actually alone

We were simply in transit

Through day and night

Through darkness and light

With a silent high salute


To those we chance to pass



Is still with me

After all these years


Are in love…together…and in solitude


See we…love freeing the reins of nuclear expansion

Love…setting the horse in motion

With a firm slap on the ass

Love…setting in motion the nuclear expansion

Of our very own soul

The nucleus of our being shattered

Pieces drifting far, far afield, but still bearing our name


The pieces rocketing through the night as we listen…we can hear it

Grinding…a slow grind as the anchor pulls out of the sand

We can feel the 1100-ft, supertanker flinch and twitch in pain

As the massive chain comes in…finally pulling the anchor up and home

The flinching and twitching is replaced by a slow easy drift

Until with a roar the engines kick shooting white water from the stern

I walk aft killing all the deck lights as I go…finally all is black


I feel the movement, I feel the night wind…I hear the sea

We are free.